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Thursday 6 January 2011

MY EDIT: brand new online store Skandivis:

'Skandivis', which loosely translates as 'the Scandinavian way', is the name of the brand new online store launched by Toni Kay, who comes from Denmark but has lived in London for many years. While the store unsurprisingly specialises in unearthing exciting Nordic designers, Kay fuses these with products from around the world that sit happily with the Scandi aesthetic. Here's my pick of favourite things from the site...

I love the Spring-evoking, slightly acidic colour palette in both of the above products. Interesting information on the Adjustable Shuffle Table from the website: 'Mia Hamborg gives new life to the old Nordic craft tradition of turning wood by adding the colour and playful forms from old painted wooden toys. You get to decide how to use the shapes and colours to create your own unique table. The main aim with this piece of furniture is to create joy so whatever you do please remember to have fun with it!'

The above ultra-cute cushions are from 'The Marionette Collection', by Norwegian design duo Darling Clementine. I'd like to see a row of them along the back of a little wooden or wrought metal sofa bed in a child's playroom. 

Cork Tray Large £24.95

Cork Coaster £14

Cork is a natural, renewable and recyclable material. Use the tray for serving or as a centerpiece or placemat, while the ‘coaster’ would be useful when putting hot pots and pans on the table. I like the ultra-simple and natural aesthetic of these products.  
Extremely expensive (by my budget standards!) but, to me, these kinds of products (the above cushion and throw) represent true, new luxury. I’ll do a separate blog on this subject at some future date. 

Hand-carved Olive Wood Salad Servers £15.99

Tree Double Bed Linen £159

This last is more about the image than product. I'm a sucker for a bed outdoors (think of the cosy bed on a frozen Montauk beach in The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which made a big impression on me) and I love the twisted wood and natural greens in this shot.