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Thursday, 2 June 2011

The New Country style continued...

I’m building up a collection of images that link on my last blog about a new country style, and my current love of leafy, nature-inspired greens. They all look quite trad, but I'd mix this look with a spot of Modernism, preferably the Scandinavian variety - or vintage Ercol daybeds and benchesThey’re unified by a sense of austerity, often contrasted with the abundance of nature (more rampant botanical prints), also raw materials, especially rough hewn wood. All these shots fall into a category of room I have always loved: places to step into and escape the heat on a hot summer day.

Picture courtesy of Colefax & Fowler

I'm drawn to the absolute austerity of the above shot (and the one below for that matter), and the mix of different greens. I get a real buzz out of seeing lots of green shades together at the moment.  

Picture courtesy of Colefax & Fowler

Picture courtesy of Sanderson

 love the raw wood, tarnished silver and lavish botanical wallpaper in the image above. It reminds me of an old Spanish still life painting.

Picture courtesy of Manuel Canovas

I like the old unfinished wood in the above image. It builds up a patina that it's hard to replicate with a new piece and so in a way it's about rejecting 'new new new' disposable goods and choosing things with proven longevity.

Picture courtesy of Sanderson
This shot includes a few of my favourite things: green things, marble, stone, jam jars and two beautiful plants, 'Mind Your Own Business' and a Maidenhair Fern.