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Friday, 19 August 2011

MY EDIT: The current crop at Ikea...

Following on from my last post about the new Ikea catalogue, here's a personal edit of great things currently available at Ikea... Lots of neutral, timeless pieces, simple lines, trend-transcending colours and artisan influences. 
(sorry, I had a few technical problems with the pic below and was left with two choices, massive or miniscule.)

Captions, left to right, top to bottom:
Asunden basket with lid, £5.29
Ikea 365+ Risp double quilt cover set, £35.99
Alvine Ruta rug, £139
Boja pendant lamp, £51.99
Karlstad, 2-seat sofa combination, £1048
Tranetorp dining table, £229
Soare place mat, £3
Nordmyra chair, £29
Sockerart  vase, £12.99
Karlstad, 3-seat sofa, £504
Alseda stool, £20.42
Melltorp dining table, £27
(and below:) Varmiuft lamp, £4.49