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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

MY EDIT: Niki Jones' latest collection

I just received the latest catalogue from one of my interiors heroes, Niki Jones, and it feels like she's surpassed herself. I loved the styling and photography, more on that in my next blog, and there were lots of extremely covetable pieces - see my edit below. I love the folk / artisan / ethnic feel of her products. They feel very timeless, trend-transcending and easy to live with. They're  things that will look just as great even if they sustain the odd knock or mark - something you normally only get with vintage pieces. And a lot of designers and magazines are talking about 'investment buys' and 'heirloom pieces' these days, as a way of persuading the cash-strapped punter to keep splashing out on high-end products but, for me, Niki Jones' stuff is the sort of thing you could have around for a lifetime. 

I think this introduction to the catalogue sums up the ethos and aesthetic perfectly:
'Niki Jones embraces this rich world of folk art and hand craft and gives it her own unique contemporary twist by re-invigorating these age-old crafts. Mixing old and new, stylish and quirky, serious and whimsical, functional and decorative
Her collection celebrates the time-honoured craft of textiles and aims to keep these skills alive for future generations, creating unique pieces to be cherished as modern day heirlooms.'

Captions from top to bottom, left to right:
Lattice rug, grey and ecru
Crewel cushion, black and ochre
Vintage Indian wooden oil pots
Lattice rug, grey and chartreuse green
Vintage Indian wooden naan bowls
Izar throw, slate and chartreuse green
Folk bolster, ecru
Woodland cushion, natural linen
Vintage Indian wooden biscuit blocks
Large folk rug, ecru

* Niki Jones

Picture courtesy of Niki Jones