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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

MY EDIT: Ben Pentreath Ltd.

All pictures courtesy of Ben Pentreath Ltd. and available online at time of writing
I'm very taken by the wares sold by Ben Pentreath via his shop in Bloomsbury and online. Ben works as an architect / interior designer and has a very spirited blog. The things he sells are clearly one man's very distinct aesthetic, although I know that there is also input from decorative artist /maker Bridie Hall who runs the shop and is behind quite a few wonderful piecesThere's an inter-war British feel, when country-cosy nostalgia got shaken up by the awakenings of Modernism - factors that that make the Thirties such an exciting decade for me. Natural materials like the marble plates and woven pieces plus pottery and glass with an everyday, artisan-made feel. Most of all I like the influence of the countryside. I'm somewhat obsessed with nature at the moment: I'm enjoying the birds flying overhead and plants looking their best - even the weeds. So the fern tray and oak paperweight above are my very favourite objects.