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Friday, 7 September 2012

Spotted this week: a couple of inspiring images...

Picture courtesy of Niki Jones

Picture courtesy of Dalani / Luxcambra

The first image was used to announce Niki Jones' forthcoming Decorex show, the other was for a Dalani sale of Luxcambra lighting. But as far as I'm concerned, both shots could be from the same house. They share the same lean, austere aesthetic and both rooms look like they would be tranquil places to spend time. I'm drawn to an emphasis on horizontals in a room - it gives a space a relaxed quality. I also like the simple, modern take on the refectory table and, as a lifelong champion of the siesta, I've always loved daybedsSome might find this look too cold and minimal but I think it works well in a family home which, by the time it's filled with little people and their paraphernalia, can feel full enough without much help. Although I admit I'd struggle not to clutter that kitchen worksurface with a certain amount of knick-knackery!