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Friday, 19 October 2012

London Design Festival 2012 trends: leather...

The trend for leather has been big news for a couple of seasons now but it feels like it's got plenty of mileage in it yet. Leather is natural and sustainable (debatably!), strong and tough but it's also imbued with a sense of luxury, so it's the perfect material for high-end designers to be wielding right now - just like marbleTan leather is still the main story (so much so that there's also a bit of a brogues-in-interiors trend happening too - perhaps the less said about that the better, I love a brogue but this runs too close to novelty for my liking!). There's also a paler, softer buff leather on the increase. These natural tones keep the material close to its original state and completely unfussy. Apart from some black and white, there's a total absence of coloured leather right now but I think perhaps things will go that way, merging leather with the brights trendLeather edged/hung wall mirrors are surprisingly numerous. One of the most exciting aspects of the leather trend is the boiled leather, or cuir bouilli, of Simon Hasan who I've mentioned before. I love this strong and dense material because it is natural and time-honoured but it's being used in a completely modern way.

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