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Sunday, 7 October 2012

London Design Festival 2012 trends: bright colours...

Here’s an interesting trend: bright colours were very much in evidence during LDF 2012. I suspect a lot of designers are getting a bit tired of the prevailing trend for neutral / natural interiors that they've flirted with for a couple of years, before going to the other extreme. But in fact, many of the pieces shown below could sit happily in a neutral interior as the standout piece. For example, my lounge is mostly sandy shades, pale grey and crisp white but with various pieces in acid yellow to stop it getting too safe. 

This bright colours trend contains several micro-trends, things like:
block colours - whole items in one punchy colour, probably the look that works best with the neutral / natural trend
primary colours - particularly tomato red
rainbow palettes - mixing lots of bright shades including orange and purple
acid-bright / flourescent colours - especially yellow, orange, pink
overlaid colours - where colours are arranged in a pattern so that they seem to overlap to create new shades - big news in graphic design for quite a while now. 
bright geometric patterns
traditional designs in unexpectedly bright shades

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