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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ferns: a growing trend...?

Fern plate. Picture courtesy of Ben Pentreath

I'm very into ferns at the moment. It started in the garden where I've been planting hart's tongue ferns. I've also found an old glass terrarium to plant up with maidenhair ferns and mosses for a bit of greenery indoors during the winter. Meanwhile, a few ferns have caught my eye in the interiors realm - see pictures. I hope that they're a growing trend. 
Ferns are not showy, but their fractal-like intricacy rewards close inspection. I love their lush, almost emerald green colouring. They make me think of sunlight filtered through green leaves into cool, shady spots.  I recently spent time on Dartmoor in Devon, and loved seeing delicate little ferns poking out of gaps in ancient walls - for me they evoke the wilder side of the English countryside but in a way that feels distinctly soothing when transferred into the home. 

Picture courtesy of Whippet Grey

Pictures courtesy of Sanderson

Picture courtesy of Sanderson

Picture courtesy of Kevin Tuck