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Friday, 18 March 2011

MY HOUSE: rugs

Last week, I was inspired by the Rug Company, which got me yammering on about my own rugs. I thought it was a bit pointless to talk about them without showing some pics so I nipped round with my phone and snapped them - they're not the greatest shots but you get the idea. I'm really drawn to simple colours (I love the nuances between grey, white and cream) but lots of texture (be it woven rush, shaggy goatskin or patchwork cowskin).  The patterns are chiefly geometric but I fell for the unusual rush mats from Zara Home that really take me back to my earliest memories of a home with lots of Seventies 'crafts' influences. I've never thought much about this 'Good Life' look since, until I had a child myself. Then I began to feel that it creates a nice warm, cosy atmosphere to grow up around. 

All pictures by Kate Jacobs

Caption info:
Top left, top right, third left and bottom left, all Zara Home, used in the kitchen and dining area.
Second right and bottom right, vintage goatskin, try The Real Rug Company for similar, used in the bedroom.
Second left, Ikea, used in the hall and elsewhere.
Third right, vintage Danish wool rug (this was passed on to me by a family friend, if I find anywhere that sells similar rugs, I'll post a link), used in the guest bedroom.