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Friday, 4 March 2011

MY EDIT: Zara Home... Probably the best home accessories shop in the world.

And see below for six reasons why I love Zara Home...

All pictures courtesy of Zara Home.
Sorry I've no time to caption them all but it's an easy-to-navigate site...
Zara Home is a brilliant shop and one of the best kept secrets in interiors. I attended their UK launch a few years back and have been a fan ever since. I've got quite a few of their things and if I wanted to get my own house's 'look' all over again without spending the best years of my life in charity shops / boot fairs / jumble sales / skips, then I could just head for Zara Home and I'd be halfway there.

Here are six reasons why I love them:

1. Their stuff is so unbelievably on trend that it's shocking: neutrals, yellows, African, woven, rope, linen, geometric, metallic, horn/shell/inlay, stone. 
2. They use beautiful  natural materials: silk, linen, flax, stone, leather, horn.
3. The prices are great - the stuff in my personal edit, above, ranges from about £10-£50 with most things around the £20-£30 mark.
4. The range is vast and fast-changing, so you won't end up with the same piece as five of your friends - the Habitat factor (although, don't get me wrong, I like Habitat too). 
5. You can buy online.
6. When quizzed, it's a brand most people can admit to with pride - if such things bother you - personally, I'm more-or-less without shame on this front.

* Zara Home